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What are the two questions that will help your stores sell more?

You’re frustrated that the millions you’re spending on marketing aren’t translating into the sales you expected. But the problem is your store teams don’t have what they need to make that happen. The good news is…you can easily give it to them. 

To start: Can every one of your store managers tell you when traffic was in their store and what their conversion rate was?  This is a question we ask our clients and encourage them to regularly ask their store managers. The questions are simple enough, as long as you have the right data to answer them. 

Watch this short video to see the impact that two simple questions can have on your business: 
There are two questions that every store manager must be able to answer:
  1. “How many people visited the store today”?
  2. “What percentage of those visitors actually made a purchase or were
    converted into a sale”?

The questions are simple enough, as long as you have the right data to answer them. And, it all
starts with store traffic counts.

Why do these questions matter?
  1. If you know traffic for each of your stores you also know how much opportunity they had to actually sell. Were your sales down because your stores weren’t busy? Or, do your stores need more help turning shoppers into buyers?
  2. Shopper ‘conversion’, or simply ‘conversion rate’ is an important measure of how well each
    of your stores are doing at converting store visitors into buyers. It tells you how well your chain
    and each store is performing compared to the actual sales opportunity.
It’s easy to calculate conversion rate. 

You simply take your total sales transaction count and divide by the number of people who visited your store or ‘store traffic count’.  If you completed 250 sales transactions in a day, and there were 500 store visits for the day, then your conversion rate would be 250 divided by 500, which equals 50% – you would have a 50% conversion rate.

How do you calculate conversion rate?

The whole goal is to improve your conversion rates… to ensure that every shopper who visits your
store leaves with the purchase that they came for. And that’s why store traffic and conversion rate
are important.

How can you help your teams sell more?
  1. Provide your teams with traffic data for each of their stores.
  2. Be sure your store teams know their conversion rates. Because… those lost sales you’re looking
    for… they are in the conversion sags that show up in each of your stores. Help your teams find
    them and fix them.
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